Things You Can Do for Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) affects approximately 15% of Americans, and if you suffer from this, you already know what an annoyance it is when trying to sleep.  Here are some tips that should help lower the frequency and intensity of … Read More

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Back Pain and the Workplace

Everyone works hard at some aspect of their job.  Depending on our preparedness, the suitability of the work environment, the length and type  of the activity, there are inevitably occasions where injury is possible. Two recent studies underline the need … Read More

Fish, Fats and Your Health

I recently returned from a fishing trip with my son and brothers.  This combination of campers and anglers had not been previously tried, and I am happy to say we didn’t come up empty handed. Eating fresh caught trout was … Read More

Hydration, Exercise and What to Drink When It’s HOT!

Can you believe the weather?  Of course you can.  El Nino fizzled out, and it’s Summertime in LA!  But you still have to exercise, right?  If it seems like you go into your workout already thirsty, you’re not alone.  But the … Read More

What is “Sciatica”?

The term “sciatica” has been around since the 1400s.  Most people use it to describe pain that begins in the lower back and travels to the lower hip, thigh, leg and foot of one or both lower extremities.  The common … Read More

Walking – It Does More Than You Know!

When you took your first steps, it hit the family headlines. Videos were taken, grandparents called — it was a big deal. What was our life’s first achievement in coordination, however, was soon replaced by more complex and demanding activities.  Walking … Read More

Essential Nutrients: N-acetyl Cysteine

  Researchers around the globe have not always sought a single-source idea for the creation of diseases.  However, about 20 years ago a theme in research shifted to investigating inflammation as the primary reason for coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune … Read More

“I Think It’s Just a Muscle …”

I get this comment too many times each year to count.  It comes from patients hoping that the extreme pain that they are currently experiencing is connected to a common problem with an easy cure.  What patients need to understand … Read More

Spinal Decompression

Over the past 20 years, spinal decompression has been promoted as a means of treating lumbar (lower back) pain from disc injuries and other degenerative conditions.  You may have seen ads for this or known someone that has been through … Read More

When Buying a Little Extra Insurance is a Good Idea

As consumers, we are always looking for ways to trim the fat in our budgets.  Insurance is a tricky subject, because it is a gamble the insurance companies are always willing to take with your money — they have calculated … Read More