As consumers, we are always looking for ways to trim the fat in our budgets.  Insurance is a tricky subject, because it is a gamble the insurance companies are always willing to take with your money — they have calculated the odds, and they always seem to come out the winners.  It is easy to get hurt by overpaying in this area.

However, there are times that a small increase in a premium can prove vital in the case of a car accident.  Medical coverage (known as Medpay) on your car insurance is very inexpensive for how it can help if you or anyone in your car is ever injured.  Benefits for having Medpay are:

  • It costs much less than health insurance for the same coverage
  • You can see any physician or health care agency
  • It covers 100% of the costs
  • It can be used to fill in the deductible and co-payment gaps in your health coverage
  • It can cover (in most cases) braces, supplies and equipment prescribed by your doctor

Because the injuries in car accidents involve more significant forces than common injuries, the treatment can sometimes take months and be very costly.  With chiropractic, the costs are usually half of those found with traditional medical care or physical therapy, with half of the residual symptoms.  Without adequate care, however, those undertreated injuries could create chronic pain and limitations.  Your top priority should be to follow the doctors’ best recommendations, something made easier for most of us when we’re not worried about the cost.

If you have been in an accident, or know someone that continues to have symptoms stemming from a collision, feel free to call the office and ask to speak with me directly.  I usually can help with a checklist over the phone and guide you toward the best course of care based on your symptoms.  Often, chiropractic will be involved because of the tremendous success it provides in restoring movement, relieving pain, and returning you to the life you are accustomed to living.  With Medpay to cover your costs, your recovery could be pay-n free.

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