Over the past 20 years, spinal decompression has been promoted as a means of treating lumbar (lower back) pain from disc injuries and other degenerative conditions.  You may have seen ads for this or known someone that has been through the treatment.

A majority of those providing this service are leasing a very expensive traction device.  The treatment is traction; the effect of traction is decompression.  However, if the doctor or therapist calls it traction, they are subject to the insurance limits for that kind of treatment.  If they call it decompression, they can charge any amount they want!

In the 1970s, a chiropractor named James Cox developed a form of traction combined with manipulation, useful for disc and arthritic conditions of the lower back.  Dr. Cox became known internationally because of the complex cases that resolved without surgery.  We have utilized this type of therapy on about 2,000 disc cases since 1983, and have seen improvement in patients even after they have had epidurals, physical therapy and other forms of decompression – and spending thousands of dollars.  Cox Flexion-DIstraction is also used in cases of “foot drop”, a condition where the nerve is functionally compromised.  The best part — insurance covers this as a normal part of chiropractic treatment!

If you or someone you know has radiating back, hip or leg pain, sciatica, or has been told that their disc problem requires surgery, you owe it to yourself (and your wallet) to investigate Cox Flexion-Distraction by an experienced chiropractor.  Give us a call and I will personally answer your questions about your condition and our treatment.

For more information about Cox therapy, see Dr. Cox’s website:  http://www.coxtechnic.com/

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